Service Behaviors

The daily fulfillment of our Mission is only possible by striving for service goals and exhibiting behaviors consistent with our Core Values. St. Vincent Healthcare recognizes the behaviors related to Caring Spirit, Excellence, Good Humor, Integrity, Safety, Stewardship. We recognize the presence of God's healing love through the excellent care we deliver while recognizing the sacred worth and dignity of each person. Providing worthwhile work for our employees within the foundation of respect and dignity allow St. Vincent's care givers to provide the highest quality care throughout the Hospital.

CARING SPIRIT - We honor the sacred dignity of each person.

  • We treat everyone with dignity and compassion.
  • We acknowledge and respect diversity by appropriately responding to each individual.
  • We actively listen and wait for others to finish speaking before we respond.
  • We introduce ourselves with our name and our role.
  • We say please & thank you in our interactions with others.
  • We communicate clear expectations and encourage others to ask questions.
  • We assume good intentions.
  • We support individuals in identifying and accessing spiritual resources in support of their personalrelationship with God; honoring various traditions and beliefs.

EXCELLENCE - We set and surpass high standards.

  • We demonstrate professionalism in our behavior and appearance.
  • We set high standards and work to proactively reach our goals.
  • We provide clear explanations of processes and plans of care to those we serve.
  • We ask for, listen to, respond to and follow through on questions or concerns.
  • We end conversations by asking if anything else is needed and follow up appropriately.
  • We are accountable for our actions and performance.
  • We support excellence by adhering to best practices and looking for creative and innovative solutions.
  • We demonstrate a commitment and openness to learning.

GOOD HUMOR - We create joyful and welcoming environments.

  • We support and actively participate in organizational change.
  • We smile, make appropriate eye contact and greet everyone in a warm and respectful manner.
  • We demonstrate a commitment to the balance between personal and work life.
  • We recognize and encourage positive behaviors and provide private constructive feedback when appropriate.
  • We work as a team and value the contributions of all team members.
  • We take initiative to help when people are in need.
  • We offer assistance to people who appear lost and accompany them to their destination.

INTEGRITY - We do the right thing with openness and pride.

  • We apologize for inconveniences and do not make excuses.
  • We explain and educate in a way that others can understand.
  • We follow up and share results.
  • We provide clear, honest & concise information, avoiding technical or professional jargon.
  • We ask patients and visitors their preferences and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • We keep private information confidential and adhere to HIPAA guidelines.
  • We promote St. Vincent Healthcare and the SCL Health System in a positive manner, refrain from criticism, and take constructive feedback to appropriate individuals.
  • We communicate promptly and appropriately, following up to ensure needs are addressed.

SAFETY - We deliver care that seeks to eliminate all harm for patients and associates.

  • We keep our environment quiet, clean & safe.
  • We proactively identify and address safety issues.
  • We are empowered to speak up and take action when we perceive unsafe conditions.
  • We are transparent about safety.
  • We develop processes that support safe behaviors and prevent harm.

STEWARDSHIP - We are accountable for the resources entrusted to us.

  • We continually seek to improve processes and performance outcomes.
  • We make decisions based on our core values.
  • We minimize waste and optimize resources to control the cost of care.
  • We reuse, recycle & seek opportunities to be environmentally responsible.
  • We willingly share our knowledge and expertise with others.
  • We are actively involved in the communities we serve.