The application serves both St. Vincent and Holy Rosary Healthcare and involves a two step process; The Pre-Application Questionnaire and the complete Application for Medical Staff membership.

Pre-Application Questionnaire:  St. Vincent Healthcare and Holy Rosary Healthcare requires that all Medical Staff applicants furnish evidence that they meet the minimum requirements established by the Medical Staff Bylaws which are outlined in the Pre-Application Questionnaire.

  • Please complete and either FAX the Pre-Application Questionnaire along with the required attachments as soon as possible to 406-237-3675 or email them to or
  • YOU MUST PROVIDE COPIES OF ALL ITEMS WITH THE PRE-APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIREIf you have recently applied for a Montana license or DEA, you must show evidence that you have applied.

Application Upon review of the pre-application, a determination will be made regarding the applicant's minimum qualifications.  If it is determined that the applicant meets minimum requirements, a full application for Medical Staff membership will be forwarded to the applicant for completion.

If the minimum qualifications for Medical Staff membership are not met, a letter stating as much will be sent to the applicant.  If at a later date qualifications are met, we encourage the applicant to re-submit.

Thank you for your interest in St. Vincent Healthcare.  If you have any questions, please call the Medical Staff Office at (406) 237-3659.