Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nurse & Health Minister Training

Basic Faith Community Nurse Training
Who can take it? This training is offered to those of any faith tradition who want to develop Health Ministry through their communities of faith.

What is a Faith Community Nurse (FCN)? A FCN is a registered nurse with an active license in the state he/she has or has had a practice, who has taken the Basic Preparation Class For Faith Community Nurses to promote and practice Health Ministry. Whereas most health disciplines are trained in our aspect of medical care, FCNs are trained to nurture the whole person — body, mind and spirit. FCNs work in partnership with pastors, churches, hospitals, social service agencies, and the community. FCNs focus on prevention, wholeness, and wellness. In many communities of faith, the FCN is the Health Ministry team leader.

What is a Health Minister? A Health Minister is a person in the congregation (other than a licensed RN) who has taken the Basic Preparation Class for Faith Community Nurses. His/her individual skills gifts are added to the Health Ministry Team and are often guided by a FCN or Health Ministry team leader. The Health Minister's skills are assessed and used where most appropriate and helpful. Ministers are encouraged to go through the FCN course to better understand and direct the Health Ministry Team.

What is included in the FCN training? There are 20 modules developed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC) which are included in the basic course. Faculty trained by IPNRC are responsible for the trainings offered. The following is a list of the required core modules in the basic FCN course:

Core Modules


Module 1 – History and Philosophy of Faith Community Nursing

Module 2 – Prayer

Module 3 – Self-Care

Module 4 – Healing and Wholeness


Module 1 – Ethical Issues

Module 2 – Documenting Practice

Module 3 – Legal Aspects

Module 4 – Beginning Your Ministry

Module 5 – Communication and Collaboration


Module 1 – Health Promotion

Module 2 – Transforming Life Issues – Family Violence

Module 3 – Transforming Life Issues – Suffering, Grief and Loss


Module 1 – Assessment: Individuals, Families and Congregations

Module 2 – Accessing Resources

Module 3 – Advocacy

Module 4 – Care Coordination

Foundation of Faith Community Nursing: Whole Person Health Care Course Brochure