Pediatric patients account for about one-third of all emergency department visits in the United States. While national attention has recently focused on the standardization of trauma care, less effort has been made to standardize emergency pediatric care.

ENPC is a program designed to teach nurses all aspects of emergency pediatric care. The goal of ENPC is to improve the care of pediatric patients in the emergency care setting, and increase the skill and confidence of nurses who care for children in emergencies.

ENPC is a 16-hour course distributed by the Emergency Nurses Association. It is the first nationally and internationally available course of its kind. The curriculum was written by nurses skilled in the care of the pediatric patient both in general and pediatric emergency department. The course is designed to increase cognitive, as well as technical skills. Participants must pass both a 50-item written exam and a “psychomotor skills station” test which reviews their ability to handle simulated emergency care situations.

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