AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitoring

Intermediate AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM) is a two day workshop offered in a standardized format. It may be used as a competency assessment to validate the knowledge and skills of experienced nurses. Participants analyze case scenarios using key physiologic principles. Sessions offer demonstration, practice and testing of the following skills: auscultation, performing Leopold's maneuvers, placement of intrauterine pressure catheter and spiral electrode, interpretation of fetal heart tracings, identification of indicated nursing interventions, communication and documentation. This course is designed for the registered nurses with a minimum of six months of Labor & Delivery/OB clinical nursing experience using fetal heart monitoring technology in an intrapartum setting.

Advanced AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM) is a one day class that builds on skills gained in the Intermediate FHM course. This course conveys the application of advanced fetal heart monitoring knowledge and skill in intrapartum nursing practice. Using a case study approach to focus on the analysis of complicated FHA patterns or characteristics and related case information, this course emphasizes the following: underlying maternal-fetal physiology, instrumentation, interpretation, intervention, verbal and written communication stills, and risk management principles. Participant must have taken the 2-day Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring course within the last 2 years to attend.