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Advanced Patient Advocacy

Medical Care Payment Assistance

Advanced Patient Advocacy has partnered with SCL Health to assist you in finding resources that can pay the cost of your medical care.

When you contact us, a specially trained advocate will:

  • EDUCATE you about your coverage options, help you
  • NAVIGATE the complex application process, and
  • CONNECT you to coverage that best meets your needs.

Call 877-272-6001 to see what programs you may qualify for.

Social Security Disability Application

Advanced Patient Advocacy’s (APA) team of attorneys, paralegals, certified representatives and disability specialists will guide you through the entire application process and assist you in securing disability benefits. APA’s Disability Specialist will:

  • Collect and organize all necessary paperwork and medical records;
  • Complete and submit all required forms direct to the Social Security Administration;
  • File appeals, if necessary, on your behalf;
  • Assist you in applying for SSI;
  • Secure other State, Federal and private assistance as available.

Call 877-714-1334 for more information.