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Charges for Services

As part of our Financial Assistance Policy, St. Vincent Healthcare is committed to making patients aware of anticipated charges for the care they will receive at our facility.

The specific charges that will appear on your bill will depend on the actual services that are ordered by your physicians. It is very difficult to anticipate exactly what those charges will be because every person is different and so is the treatment that your doctors will order for you.

To help you anticipate what your bill may look like, outlined below are some of the more common charges for services provided at St. Vincent Healthcare:

Walk in Clinic
Level 1 $103.95
Level 2 $114.95
Level 3 $124.95
Level 4


Level 5


Above charges only reflect room charges and does not include provider or other fees.

Room charges (daily)

Semi Private $1,623.00
Telemetry or Cardiac Monitored $2,442.60
ICU (depending on level of care) $5,701.00-$11,013.50
Rehab $1,835.30
Rehab Telemetry or Cardiac Monitored $2,763.30
Emergency – Level 1 Visit $256.65
Emergency – Level 2 Visit $397.80
Emergency – Level 3 Visit $616.55
Emergency – Level 4 Visit $955.65
Emergency – Level 5 Visit

Above charges only reflect room charges and does not include provider or other fees.


Labor and Delivery

Normal Delivery – average charge (depends on level) $7,769.00-$12,274.00
C-section-average charge (depends on level) $17,548.00-$20,355.00
Nursery room rate – Standard, not NICU $1,015.35/day


CT Scan – Head without contrast $1,503.85
CT Scan – Abdomen, with contrast $1,509.10
Xray – Chest PA and Lateral $270.40
Xray – Chest 1 view PA/AP $266.70
MRI Lumbar Spine without contrast


MRI Brain without contrast $1,523.80


Basic Metabolic Panel $88.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $109.85
Lipid Panel $139.25


EKG $299.25
Please note: amounts quoted for services may vary. These charges are for hospital only and are not inclusive of physician charges.