Financial Assistance Policy

As you face hospitalization, tests or procedures, St. Vincent Healthcare wants you to be aware of our Financial Assistance Policy in case you have concerns about paying for your medical care. Based on your eligibility and income level, St. Vincent Healthcare will discount some or the entire amount of your bill and help you make payment arrangements.


  • Based on assets and income level.
  • Also extends to individuals who face challenges paying outstanding balances that are the patient’s responsibility.
  • Applies to all services except cosmetic.

Please note: If you don’t have health insurance, emergency care will never be delayed or withheld on the basis of your ability to pay.

If you are dealing with a health problem that requires hospitalization, St. Vincent Healthcare will work with you to make payment arrangements.

Steps to follow:

  • Contact our Patient Business Services to discuss qualifications, 1.866.665.2636.
  • Complete the Eligibility Screening Application* with a Financial Counselor at St. Vincent Healthcare. Please note: If you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare or other public assistance, we will help you complete an application for the appropriate program.
  • If you are not insured and are not eligible for one of these insurance programs, our Financial Counselor will discuss our Financial Assistance Policy with you. This financial policy applies only to treatment and services provided by St. Vincent Healthcare. You will need to make separate financial arrangements with physicians or other providers.
  • If you qualify for financial assistance according to our policy and seek repeat services at St. Vincent Healthcare, you may be required to resubmit an application and go through another financial screening.
  • If you don’t qualify for financial assistance, but have concerns about paying your hospital bills, St. Vincent Healthcare will work with you to make arrangements (by check, credit card, bank loans or limited interest-free installment payment plans). St. Vincent Healthcare offers an appeal process for financial assistance awards.

*The documents above are available as printable (PDF) file using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, download a free copy now from Adobe Acrobat.

As part of our Financial Assistance Policy, St. Vincent Healthcare is committed to making patients aware of anticipated charges for the care they will receive at our facility. To help you anticipate what your bill may look like, click here to view common charges for services provided at St. Vincent Healthcare.