In Montana

Options for Montana Residents

Montana residents can shop for insurance through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Open enrollment generally begins in mid-November and closes in mid-February. 

Options for Health Insurance in Montana

The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in Montana is a new option for individuals, families and small businesses looking to buy health insurance. You can shop for coverage if you are a Montana resident and have legal immigration status, and you need health and/or dental insurance. Small businesses and non-profit organizations with up to 50 employees can also use the Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, Montana residents can compare insurance options based on price, benefits, quality and other factors, while receiving a clear picture of premiums and out-of-pocket costs to help them choose the insurance coverage that best fits their needs.

Financial help to lower costs is available for people who qualify. You may be eligible for tax credits that will lower premiums and deductibles, based on income. Contact a Certified Application Counselor for more information.

Additional Resources

One of the Montana-based organizations providing health insurance plans on the Marketplace is the Montana Health Co-op. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana and PacificSouce Health Plans also offer plans for Montana residents on the Marketplace. 

The Montana Health Co-op's subsidy cost calculator can help you determine if you qualify for a tax credit to help with insurance costs.

If you have questions about your new healthcare coverage, you can call 1-800-318-2596 or study's educational resources.

What If I Cannot Afford Health Insurance?

Be Prepared, Act NowStarting in 2014, most people must have health coverage or pay a fee in the form of an additional tax called the individual shared responsibility payment. If you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you must pay the fee when you file your 2014 taxes, which are due in April 2015.

Exemptions from Payment

If coverage is unaffordable in your area, or you face other certain hardships, you may be able to avoid the tax penalty. This is called an exemption.

How to Apply for an Exemption

If you are applying for an exemption because coverage in your area is unaffordable, you have two options:

  • You can claim these exemptions when you fill out your 2014 federal tax return, which is due in April 2015.
  • You can apply for the exemptions in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Note: if you get an exemption because coverage is unaffordable, you may also qualify to buy catastrophic coverage through the Marketplace. This may be more affordable than your other options.

If your income will be low enough that you will not be required to file taxes:

You don’t need to apply for an exemption. This is true even if you file a return in order to get a refund of money withheld from your paycheck. You won’t have to make the shared responsibility payment.

For more information, including a detailed list of qualifying exemptions, visit

Contact a Certified Application Counselor:

St. Vincent Healthcare
1233 North 30th Street
Billings, MT 59107
406-237-3226 – local
800-308-1927 – toll free

Holy Rosary Healthcare
2600 Wilson Street
Miles City, MT 59301
406-233-2596 – local
800-843-3820 ext. 2596 – toll free

St. James Healthcare
400 South Clark Street
Butte, MT 59701-2328
406-723-2490 – local
855-288-5209 – toll free