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  • 250x250SleepApnea

    Sleep apnea: do you have it?

    Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep.

    There may be as many as 20 to 30 or more events per hour, and these events are usually accompanied by snoring between apnea episodes.

    However, not everyone who snores has sleep apnea. Test your knowledge with this quiz.

  • 250x250Microcephaly


    Microcephaly is a condition that is present at birth in which the baby's head is much smaller than normal for an infant of that age and gender. "Micro" means small and "cephaly" refers to the head.

    Most children with microcephaly also have a small brain and intellectual disability. However, some children with small heads have normal intelligence.

    Learn more.

  • 250x250CalorieBurnRate

    Calorie Burn Rate Calculator

    Still going strong on your new year's fitness resolution?

    See how many calories you burn with our calorie burn rate calculator.

150x150MushroomBarleySoupMushroom Barley Soup Recipe

Even though the groundhog didn't see his shadow, it's still cold out, which makes soup a great go-to meal.

The hardest part of making this soup is buying the right barley. Read the package and make sure it’s quick-cooking “pearled” barley.

Try this mushroom barley soup.

150x150RelaxationTechniquesRelaxation Techniques That Really Work

Everyone experiences stress and its effects.

Short-term effects of stress include headaches, shallow breathing, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and upset stomach. Long-term chronic stress can increase the risk for heart disease, back pain, depression, persistent muscle aches and pains, and a weakened immune system.

Try the following techniques to see what works best for you.

Health Consumer

Be A Smart Health Consumer

How to Be a Wise Health Care Consumer

Here are common problems you may run into as a health care consumer, with tips for wise responses.Take our advice and take charge of your health >>

Choosing a Hospital

You don't have time to choose a hospital if you have a health emergency. But if you’re facing surgery or treatment for a particular health condition, taking time to find a hospital that meets your needs is well worth the effort. Start your evaluation here >>

How to Take Part in Every Medical Decision

Well-informed people who play a significant role in deciding how they’re going to treat their health conditions are likely to feel better about the decision process. Make your empowered first step here >>

Get the Most From Your Doctor Visits

To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every doctor visit, using these suggestions, plan your time with your provider and walk out knowing you have made the most of your time >>

Preventive Care Guidelines

Screenings and Tests to Consider

Getting screening tests and vaccinations is an important part of preventive care. Find out which tests and immunizations are recommended by age group and gender. Use these guidelines when discussing a disease prevention plan with your health care provider. You may need a plan that is different, depending on your situation.

Guidelines for Women

Age 18-39

Age 40-49

Age 50-64

Age 65+

    Guidelines for Men


    Age 18-39

    Age 40-49

    Age 50-64

    Age 65+

    This schedule comes from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, unless otherwise noted.

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    Health News from National Institutes of Health

    Birth Defect Tied to Zika Virus Can Leave Children with Lifetime of Health Woes

    But some with less severe brain defects may live a much more normal life, experts say

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    Source: HealthDay
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