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Happy April

  • Allergies

    Spring Allergies Have Arrived

    For people with seasonal allergies, spring can be full of sniffles and sneezes.

    Wondering how you can reduce allergy symptoms for you or your loved ones?

    Take the allergy quiz »

  • Autism Spectrum Information

    Autism Awareness Month

    Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder that usually appears during the first three years of life.

    A child with autism appears to live in his or her own world, showing little interest in others, and a lack of social awareness.

    Do you have concerns about your child?

    Learn about the autism spectrum »

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Laughter really is the best medicine, or at least a good one.

    Laughter is so much a part of us that even babies can laugh well before they can walk or speak.

    And mirthful laughter—the kind associated with humor—can help keep you healthy and happier.

    Find out why »

Find Your Osteoporosis Risk

Find Your Osteoporosis Risk

Osteoporosis is a long-term disease that slowly weakens bones until they break easily. It's caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors.

In some cases it may also be caused by medical conditions or medicines. Millions of Americans older than 50 have osteoporosis.

Find your osteoporosis risk »

Healthy Hummus Recipe

Hummus Recipe

Looking to make a healthy, homemade snack?

How about a hummus? Get the recipe »

Health Consumer

Be A Smart Health Consumer

How to Be a Wise Health Care Consumer

Here are common problems you may run into as a health care consumer, with tips for wise responses.Take our advice and take charge of your health >>

Choosing a Hospital

You don't have time to choose a hospital if you have a health emergency. But if you’re facing surgery or treatment for a particular health condition, taking time to find a hospital that meets your needs is well worth the effort. Start your evaluation here >>

How to Take Part in Every Medical Decision

Well-informed people who play a significant role in deciding how they’re going to treat their health conditions are likely to feel better about the decision process. Make your empowered first step here >>

Get the Most From Your Doctor Visits

To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every doctor visit, using these suggestions, plan your time with your provider and walk out knowing you have made the most of your time >>

Preventive Care Guidelines

Screenings and Tests to Consider

Getting screening tests and vaccinations is an important part of preventive care. Find out which tests and immunizations are recommended by age group and gender. Use these guidelines when discussing a disease prevention plan with your health care provider. You may need a plan that is different, depending on your situation.

Guidelines for Women

Age 18-39

Age 40-49

Age 50-64

Age 65+

    Guidelines for Men


    Age 18-39

    Age 40-49

    Age 50-64

    Age 65+

    This schedule comes from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, unless otherwise noted.

    Health News from National Institutes of Health

    More U.S. Newborns Enduring Drug Withdrawal

    Number of babies in intensive care for addiction treatment four times higher than a decade ago

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