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Birthing Simulators - Wireless, Hands on Training

February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009 - St. Vincent Healthcare Labor and Delivery nurses and physicians can now practice providing “care in motion,” over-and-over-and-over again. Today at 2:00pm in the SVH Simulation Training Lab, the hospital announced NOELLE™ and Newborn HAL, introducing the region to the most sophisticated labor and delivery simulation training system available. NOELLE S575 is a new generation of clinical education simulators using Gaurmard’s wireless technology.

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation invested in these tremendous educational tools to ensure the best on-site, year-round, labor and delivery and maternal childcare training in our region.

“Simulation training is the future of medical education, and St. Vincent is proud to lead with the first birthing simulator in the state. Our Labor & Delivery nurses and obstetric providers now have a highly valuable tool to practice high risk deliveries and emergencies.” says Dr. Daniel Molloy.

NOELLE™ simulators are used in the most advanced clinical training centers worldwide to give medical experts hands on education for medical complications that arise during childbirth. NOELLE is wirelessly controlled by an Instructor who can alter her vital signs and fetal heart tones. She speaks, breathes, has pulses and even convulses. Medical teams are able to ask NOELLE questions and she can respond. NOELLE comes with pre-recorded scenarios that include vertex delivery, breech presentations, shoulder dystocia, placenta previa, embolism and even C-Section delivery. One can use these scenarios, modify them or quickly create their own using NOELLE’s powerful software.

Newborn HAL is a full term infant that breathes, has pulses, as well as skin color and vital signs that are responsive to hypoxic events and interventions. HAL cries and is fully responsive even while being carried.

Both NOELLE and Newborn HAL use wireless technology so medical personnel can treat these simulators like REAL patients. They can be rushed from an accident scene, onto an ambulance, into the emergency department and onto the labor and delivery floor, while being controlled at a distance up to 100 meters and between rooms and floors of buildings.

St. Vincent Healthcare’s dedicated providers are honored to serve this community and region delivering the best care to mothers, newborns and their growing families. The highest levels of expertise in high risk deliveries and newborn intensive care are hallmarks of the St. Vincent Healthcare team.