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Cutting-Edge Sleep Technology: Meeting Patient Needs – No Matter Where They Live

June 23, 2009

St. Vincent Healthcare Sleep Center patients are now even more connected to their care! More than 90 patients can now sync their latest sleep data to a St. Vincent Sleep Caregiver – within seconds. By simply plugging into a modem, sleep patients can continuously send their data while they sleep or wait until morning and “send all.” This cutting-edge technology means faster care and even prescription changes over the internet.

EncoreAnywhere is a web-based system that enables caregivers to proactively gather, report and share information through a secure Web portal. The system provides lower cost, a more timely and accurate method for monitoring patient acceptance to sleep therapy and it facilitates improved collaboration and intervention by caregivers to increase positive health outcomes. “Since we implemented the modem with our CPAP patients, we have had a significant increase in our patients’ positive CPAP usage, said Dr. Thomas Thigpen, Medical Director of the St. Vincent Healthcare Sleep Center. “This type of technology is cutting edge for monitoring and is improving the care we are able to give our patients.”

Three important and unique benefits:

  • The management-by-exception function notifies clinicians about a specific patient problem whenever new data is gathered. Data is automatically downloaded with a wired modem connected to a phone line, and a clinician can be alerted about a problem as quickly as the following day.
  • Modem technology offers two-way data transfer which allows a physician or clinician to make a same-day change to the CPAP prescribed pressure setting without anyone having to make a home or office visit.
  • The system allows clinicians and physicians to exchange information and collaborate on patient care. The care team is automatically alerted when a note about a specific patient has been sent by another member.

“In a state as large as Montana, using a modem to adjust the care of a patient has been a great service for our patients,” said Rick Pointer, St. Vincent Healthcare Sleep Center Sleep Technologist. “We can now monitor CPAP usage and make adjustments in patient care regardless of where they live.”

This sleep technology makes it easier and faster for the entire care team to access and act, meaning more efficient and effective efforts to improve outcomes. With a wired modem, the care team can identify struggling patients sooner and, if necessary, recommend a change in therapy, such as a different mask or a bi-level system. The team can also change a prescription over the internet. More efficient data management means that clinicians have more time for patient education, follow-up and care. For more information or a free sleep screening call the St. Vincent Healthcare Sleep Center 238-6815.

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