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SVH Foundation Receives Generous Gift for Nursing Education

May 01, 2011

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation has received a donation of $30,000 from the Paul J. McCann Foundation for the purpose of providing leadership education to our nurses. This wonderful gift will be utilized toward the on-site training of 55 St. Vincent Healthcare nurses in the Center for Frontline Nursing Leadership and Nursing Leadership Academy programs.

These training programs are offered through the Advisory Board Academies. Building on decades of best practice research, the Advisory Board Academies were founded on the belief that great performance derives from great leadership. The purpose of the Academies is to partner with hospitals and health systems to grow the requisite leadership talent to address the industry's enduring challenges offering on-site teaching sessions.

It is the mission of the Center for Frontline Leadership series to harness the untapped leadership potential of the front line staff by providing nurses with the skills, confidence, experience, and motivation to step up and lead others.

It is the Nursing Leadership Academy's goal to transform nursing leadership culture to one of visionary, strategic leadership by providing nurse managers the skills and motivation to set clear, compelling direction; to make sound, timely decisions; and to manage and motivate staff to execute on goals. By providing a common language and approach to nursing's most pressing challenges, the Nursing Leadership Academy strengthens the entire nursing leadership team.

Both the Center for Frontline Nursing Leadership and Nursing Leadership Academy training are available at St. Vincent Healthcare.

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation is grateful to the Paul J. McCann Foundation for this generous gift and thankful for their commitment to the continuing education of the nurses at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Support for the remaining expenditure of the education will be generously funded by the Nelles Family Nursing Education Endowment. The Nelles family began the Nelles Nurse program in 2002 in an effort to ensure a cadre of outstanding nurses for residents in our area by providing scholarships for advanced nursing degrees. The program, managed through the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, has been noted by the American Hospital Association as a "best practice" model program for recruiting and educating an outstanding nursing staff. Such quality nurses are essential in delivering the best, most compassionate care, as is the mission at St. Vincent Healthcare.