St. Vincent Healthcare Billings Campus

With a legacy spanning generations combined with the latest and best treatments and technologies, the cancer treatment options located on the main St. Vincent Healthcare campus meet the needs of patients of all ages. Because we know the needs of cancer patients are often unique, you will work not only with physicians who specialize in oncology, but also nurses, therapists and others with advanced understanding of the disease.

Inpatient Cancer Care
For some cancer patients, inpatient care is necessary for some or all of their cancer treatments. If inpatient treatment is right for you, our specially trained team is focused on keeping you comfortable throughout your stay with us as well as meeting both your physical and emotional needs.

Medical oncology treatments, including chemotherapy, are available on an inpatient basis. Patients requiring inpatient care who are undergoing radiation treatments are transported to St. Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center as needed. Genetic counseling, naturopathic counseling, preventative care, and management of pain and other symptoms are additional services offered to our patients.

A patient navigator is available to help patients navigate the journey ahead. The navigator will assist in answering questions, coordinating appointments between health care providers, or connecting you with financial counselors, social workers, or chaplains.

Yellowstone Breast Center
2900 12th Ave. N., Suite 276W
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 237-4373

The Yellowstone Breast Center at St. Vincent Healthcare focuses on a single purpose: to save lives through early cancer detection. Thanks to advances in digital mammography, today’s high-resolution images provide radiologists significantly clearer images, improving the likelihood that even the smallest tumors will be detected. In addition, mammograms can be transmitted electronically via our secure system—eliminating potential delays.

As always, your comfort remains a top priority while you are in our care. Your screening will be completed by a female mammography technician who ensures your privacy and modesty are maintained throughout the procedure. If you are uninsured or underinsured and concerned about the cost of a mammogram, funding may be available through St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation and the EVA Project.

When should you have your baseline mammogram? Take our mammogram quiz to test your knowledge.

Mobile Mammography Coach
(406) 237-4373

Recognizing that many women may have difficulty traveling to Billings for their annual screening, St. Vincent Healthcare offers the convenience of our Mobile Mammography Coach. This specially outfitted vehicle uses the same high-quality digital imaging equipment in use at the Yellowstone Breast Center and brings it directly to health clinics and businesses in Billings and surrounding communities.

Take our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment to learn if you’re at risk for cancer and to learn more about the disease.

Montana Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center
2900 12th Ave. N., Suite 265W
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 237-7999

While skin cancer is the most common form of the disease in the U.S., it is also highly treatable when caught early. The dermatology experts at the Montana Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center will work with you to conduct detailed skin screenings designed to identify potential concerns, complete biopsies, and create a treatment plan designed to deliver the best possible outcome. If you are concerned about your risk of skin cancer, our dermatology team can also provide information about how you can prevent it and what symptoms to look for during self-examinations.