Collaborative Care

Cancer is a complex disease that can affect your body in many ways, and determining the best treatment for you is equally as complex. Treatment success, in fact, can vary widely based on the type of cancer diagnosed, its location, whether or not it has spread to other parts of the body and the patient’s age, physical health and other factors. 

To ensure proper diagnosis and optimal treatment, St. Vincent Healthcare utilizes an innovative collaborative approach which brings together specialists in a variety of disciplines. Working together and with each patient, they establish a treatment plan focused on delivering the highest levels of care and the best outcomes possible.  They then communicate throughout the treatment process to ensure that the patient’s needs are being met on every level.

Tumor Board
Once each week at St. Vincent Healthcare, a diverse group of medical specialists meet to review the cases of newly diagnosed cancer patients. Called the Tumor Board, the group meets to evaluate diagnostic screens, discuss potential options and determine the most effective treatments. While most cases presented to the Tumor Board involve rare or complex cases, any patient may request to have their case reviewed.

The Tumor Board includes a variety of disciplines related to cancer diagnosis and treatment. These include pathologists, oncologists, general and plastic surgeons, geneticists and experts overseeing clinical research trials. During the case review session, the Board may also opt to consult with university researchers and experts from well-known medical facilities throughout the U.S.