Your Cancer Care Plan

When you learn you have cancer, wanting to know what treatment options are available and which one you should choose is a natural reaction. There are many excellent cancer treatments available, so it is important that your doctor and cancer treatment team choose the right one for you as part of creating your cancer care plan.

Cancer treatments are chosen based on several variables, including the type of cancer you have, your age and overall health, your long-term goals and how advanced the cancer may be. Working together and with you, the oncology team at St. Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center will create a customized care plan specifically tailored to your unique needs. This gives you the best treatment experience possible as well as the best chance at achieving the outcome you desire most.

As our patient, you can be confident we are committed to helping you meet your treatment goals. We offer the latest technologies, delivered by this region’s finest oncology experts collaborating with you and with one another to achieve the best possible outcomes. Most importantly, you will always receive the highest levels of compassionate care from a team who’ll be here to support you before, during and after your treatment experience.