Your Team

At St. Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center, we want to ensure you receive excellent care and treatment by leading oncology experts. We also believe in the power that results when physicians, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and other professionals come together with a single goal of quality patient care. That’s why when you who choose St. Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center for your cancer care, you will receive the advantage stemming from our unique collaborative care approach.

As part of that effort, your physician may present your case to the St Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center Tumor Board, a panel of experts who meet weekly to discuss complex cases and possible treatment options. This innovative process brings together the top experts in their respective fields including, thoracic surgery, urology, plastic surgery, dermatology, naturopathy and clinical research coordinators, meaning you will receive the absolutely best treatment recommendations available.

Those who participate on the Tumor Board and who may also be part of your cancer team include:

Most of our patients work with an oncologist, a physician who specializes in cancer, after their diagnoses and throughout their treatment. Those with blood-borne cancer, such as leukemia, may work with a hematologist—a doctor specializing in blood disorders.

Depending on the type of cancer you have, you may work with one of these excellent surgeons. Each has years of experience in understanding and meeting the unique needs of cancer patients.

Radiologists not only help to diagnose various types of cancer; they also are a valued part of the treatment team and may deliver radiation as part of treatment.

Your pathologist helps to identify cancer by evaluating tissue or blood samples taken as part of the cancer diagnosis process.

Pain and Palliative Care Physician

Genetic Counseling
Genetic counselors evaluate the likelihood that a person might get cancer, providing critical insight to patients and their families.

Patient Navigators
Your nurse navigator will help you better understand your treatment options and help make your experience with us even better.