Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention ProjectThe Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention Program is dedicated to changing the behavior of those at risk of developing diabetes. Funded by the State of Montana, this is a collaboration between St. Vincent Healthcare and the YMCA. The goal is to improve community health by preventing diabetes, a few people at a time.

The program consists of a 16-week course of nutrition education and exercise classes with six subsequent monthly follow-up sessions. 

Classes start 2 times per year, January and July. Please contact us at 237-8599 to reserve your spot and start our enrollment process.

Session topics include:
Week 1:  Welcome to the Lifestyle Balance Program
Week 2:  Be a Fat Detective
Week 3:  Three Ways to Eat Less Fat
Week 4:  Healthy Eating
Week 5:  Move Those Muscles
Week 6:  Being Active: A Way of Life
Week 7:  Tip the Calorie Balance
Week 8:  Take Charge of What's Around You
Week 9:  Problem Solving
Week 10: Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out
Week 11: Talk Back to Negative Thoughts
Week 12: The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change
Week 13: Jump Start Your Activity Plan
Week 14: Make Social Cues Work for You
Week 15: You Can Manage Stress
Week 16: Ways to Stay Motivated
There are 6 more classes that meet monthly after the first 16 classes. Topics vary.

"This was the best thing I have ever done for my life. I now have the tools to continue life changing habits. This was a non-judgemental atmosphere and it was a welcomed change to be a part of something where we all were heading towards the same goals."

"I loved the class. I did not think I could lose weight – but the nutrition part is what I needed. Thank you so much!"

"I have seen immediate results to the positive changes in my diet and activity level! I am much more concerned with what I consume. This is a great class and I would recommend it!"

"This class helped me in a variety of ways.  I had been sliding along for about five years, not paying much attention to blood pressure, etc.  The class helped me to get in gear, focus and attempt to follow the plan.   Thanks!  My blood pressure is down and my exercise level is up."