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Director of Pharmacy

Diabetes Lonnye Finneman Quote

When his daughter was 7 years old, Lonnye’s daughter Clair was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Over the next months, the whole family was faced with the challenge of learning how to deal with the disease on a daily basis while providing the love and support  to the little girl who needed them.

"Claire has overcome a lot over the past three years, and I am extremely proud of her," he says. "She has learned to own her disease and she faces it with courage. We all hope for a cure, but while we wait, we all live life to the fullest, help Claire to take good care of herself and are amazed by her resilience."

As a pharmacist, Lonnye provides important information to patients with diabetes. He spends as much time as possible with those who need help understanding their medication and the devices that deliver it. It’s a lesson he learned from watching his daughter.

"Our family attends the American Diabetes Association Family Retreat each year," he says. "When Claire was 8 she was afraid of getting an insulin pump as it would be another change. A little girl named Elizabeth, who was about 5, already had one, and as they took a dogsled ride together, Elizabeth shared with Claire how great it was to have a pump, that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that Claire should just do it.  Claire ended up getting a pump a few months later. There is power that comes through the support of others dealing with the same thing."

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