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Director, St. Vincent Diabetes Center

Early in his career, Dr. Rudolph had the opportunity to work with two physicians who modeled a patient centered approach to delivering high quality diabetes care and a true passion for the disease.  They also provided an example of leading an active, successful and healthy life as a diabetic. Today, he follows in their footsteps as the director of the St. Vincent Healthcare Diabetes Center and the Diabetes Prevention Program.

"This disease affects such a wide range of people: young and old, thin and obese, rich and poor," he says. "It is a difficult disease to manage physically and emotionally day in and day out.  I want to empower patients to take control and be a model of good health."

Over the years, Dr. Rudolph has worked with many patients, but those who have lived with the disease for over 60 years particularly have made a lasting impression.

"These individuals continue to strive to keep their blood sugars controlled, lead an active lifestyle, and keep a positive attitude despite the curve balls that life can bring,” he says. “They also have seen such amazing advances in diabetes care over their life and they adapt and respond to each new change and advancement."

According to Dr. Rudolph, he values working with the experienced diabetes team at St. Vincent Healthcare. "I literally could not take care of diabetics," he says, "without the input and assistance of this professional team and their years of dedicated experience."

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