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Diabetes Educator

As a college freshman, Lindsay was diagnosed with PCOS and learned that she would be at risk for certain conditions, including Type 2 diabetes. She became interested in endocrine-related health issues and the role good nutrition and lifestyle choices can have in managing overall health.

"I understand what it means to be given a diagnosis that makes you wonder how this is going to affect your life and all the things you enjoy from this point forward," she says. "I was lucky to have good resources and be trained in the health field...but I always wished there would have been someone to come alongside me to help make these lifestyle changes."

In her role as a diabetic educator, Lindsay has the opportunity to fulfill that role. She assists people in understanding what the risk factors are for diabetes, what lifestyle choices they can make to aid in the prevention or management of diabetes and the treatment plan that has been prescribed by their physician. Most frequently, it is done through one-on-one sessions where she talks to each patients, gets to know them and encourage and motivate them to overcome obstacles that may affect them as they work towards forming new habits.

"Recently I've gotten feedback from patients saying that having someone take the time to explain it in a way they understand and knowing who to call when they have questions has helped motivate them," Lindsay says.  "The take away for me is that listening to patients and understanding their needs ultimately has enormous impact on their health."

The Diabetes Health Team