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Family Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine & Diabetes

It was a chance opportunity that led Jordan Teller to devote her career to helping those with diabetes.  In 2007, she volunteered at diabetes camp for the first time, and saw kids having fun and living their lives regardless of their disease.

"It inspired me to do more than just volunteer," she said. "I went on to earn a master’s degree and then a doctorate and during that time I knew that my passion was for diabetes care."

As a family nurse practitioner, Jordan focuses on diabetes care for people of all ages, from kids up through 90 year olds who may have lived with diabetes for 60 years.  As she works with each patient, she focuses on the wellness aspect of diabetes versus the illness aspect of the disease. She also takes time to encourage patients to continue with making positive steps even when blood glucose levels are too high or too low.

"Most people with diabetes didn’t ask for it or do anything wrong," she says. "I want to help and encourage them to achieve whatever they want to and I let them know there is nothing that can stop them, as long as they are prepared and careful with their BGs.  We took 4 college kids on a 26-mile backpack trip this summer - something that once would have not been possible for those with diabetes."

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