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Family Nurse Practitioner

"My oldest sister has had Type 1 diabetes since she was a young child, before there were glucose meters to help monitor blood sugar values," Maria says. "She is now almost 40 years out from her diagnosis and doing well. Watching what she had to experience everyday of her life as a diabetic, and still be healthy 40 years later, inspired me to work in diabetes. I want to use her story to encourage others that they can have diabetes and live a normal, healthy, satisfying life."

Maria works with patients who have or at risk for diabetes. For those with a family history of the disease, she focuses on awareness and prevention. For those recently diagnosed, she educates them on the prevention of complications and the treatments that can help with that goal.

"Diabetes does not equal complications," she says. "If cared for, the patient can live a long, healthy, normal life."

According to Maria, she has seen kids who are diagnosed rebound back to their old selves, playing with friends, participating in sports and eating a piece of candy. She says those things have shown her that if a child can be resilient after being diagnosed with a chronic disease, nothing is insurmountable.

"Children with diabetes are a passion of mine," she says. "Their attitudes inspire me every time I see them."

The Diabetes Health Team