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Lifestyle Coach

As she watched her father struggle with heart disease and diabetes, Beverly learned early on that eating well and being physically active not only helped others, but also made her feel better.  Today as a registered dietician and lifestyle coach, she now takes the knowledge she learned in her youth and uses it to help others lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Encouraging those in the Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention Program, Beverly frequently borrows  the words of a former participant who lost nearly 100 pounds.  "His advice was 'patience and persistence'," she says. "A healthy lifestyle is a journey that happens slowly and is ongoing. Only those who are in it for the long haul will be successful."

She also notes that attitude is key in living a healthy life. "Our attitudes are ingrained habits just like our eating and activity patterns.  We often have to make changes to our outlook and how we perceive success to keep going."

Beverly appreciates being a part of the diabetes team at St. Vincent Healthcare and being a part of the exceptional continuum of care they provide.  She also enjoys working with the Billings Family YMCA, which partners with St. Vincent Healthcare on the DPP program.

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