Cardiac Rehabilitation (Phase I and II)

Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive outpatient program designed to maximize your recovery and help you resume an active and heart-healthy lifestyle. It will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to reduce your risk for future heart problems and improve your quality of life. Our experienced team works with your physician to provide support and guidance to assist you on your journey back to better health. A typical program is 3 days per week for about 4-12 weeks.

This program is for individuals that have experienced:

  • Coronary Bypass Surgery
  • Angioplasty, Rotoblade or Stent placement
  • Heart valve repair or replacement
  • Heart attack
  • Other heart related procedures or problems
  • Angina/Chest pain and/or discomfort

Our program includes:

Upon enrollment, your therapist will complete an initial evaluation, and develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs and interests. Throughout your participation, your therapist will provide feedback on your progress and also report any concerns to your physician. Progress notes will be sent to your physician every 4 weeks (or more often if needed) during your participation.

An individualized exercise program will be developed to meet your physical ability, needs and interests. You will participate in group exercise classes, but at your own level and rate of progression. The classes include cardiovascular and strength training as well as relaxation exercises.

Individual counseling and education classes are provided to help you to understand and cope with your heart condition, and to understand the factors that contributed to your heart problems.

Our staff will help you develop skills to change unhealthy lifestyle habits and learn new behaviors that can reduce your risk for future health.

The Benefits:
There are many published reports describing the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation:

  • Reduces mortality rates
  • Decreased rate of hospital readmissions
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Decreased health-care expenses
  • Reduced symptoms of angina and heart failure

This program will help you:

  • Learn to manage your risk factors
  • Improve efficiency of the heart and muscles
  • Develop safe exercise habits
  • Return to your previous level of activity
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Gain camaraderie through group participation
  • Learn to manage your health with respect to your heart condition
  • Increase your strength and stamina
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of heart disease
  • Increased shortness of breath when you lie down or exert yourself
    • Extreme fatigue while doing activities you normally did easily
    • Sudden weight gain of three to five pounds or more in one week
    • Swelling of you legs, ankles and feet
    • Frequent coughing, especially when lying down or coughing up blood
    • Rapid, irregular heartbeats, or feeling you heart is racing
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Chest pain, pressure, tightness, burning, etc.
    • Nausea, loss of appetite, bloating or tenderness of the abdomen
    • Decreased urination

Call your physician immediately if you experience these symptoms.

Please contact us at (406) 238-6428 for a referral or more information.