Telemetry Unit


The Telemetry Unit at St. Vincent Healthcare serves inpatient cardiac catheterization patients awaiting surgery or other cardiovascular intervention, as well as recovering patients who no longer need the critical care environment of Coronary Intensive Care. Telemetry patients receive continuous observation, monitoring, and specialized care. Nurses view patient heart activity through a centralized computer system.

While at the Telemetry Unit, patients receive visits from a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping each individual achieve a successful recovery. A dietician checks the patient's diet, taking a close look at previous eating habits. Based on these observations, the dietician recommends changes in food intake, selection, and preparation.

An occupational therapist discusses changes that may be required in the work and home environments. A home care nurse can explain a range of home care services. A cardiac rehabilitation therapist counsels the patient on the cardiac rehab classes needed to strengthen the heart and increase cardiovascular efficiency.

After a heart attack or heart surgery, patients are often afraid to leave the safe haven of the hospital. The comprehensive care program offered in the Telemetry Unit gives patients the confidence that they have received the highest level of care and the education needed to begin the recovery process.