Vein Center

Put leg pain to rest.

Your veins have one job: to keep deoxygenated blood moving back to your heart. So when the valves within the vein stop functioning properly, it can lead to the pooling of blood in your veins. The increased pressure this creates is what causes the bulging and spider veins normally associated with vein disease, as well as more painful symptoms. If a vein disease is left untreated, your discomfort could turn into a more serious long term complication.

A vein disease may occur as the result of extended sitting or standing. It can also stem from pregnancy, obesity or simply aging. If you have a family history of vein disease, or you’ve experienced physical trauma, you may be susceptible to the disease.

Symptoms of venous insufficiency include:

  • Pain, aching or cramping
  • Heaviness or tiredness of the legs
  • Burning or itching sensations
  • Swelling or throbbing
  • Tenderness around the veins
  • Bulging veins

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Symptoms allowed to progress can lead to more serious complications such as phlebitis, blood clots (deep vein thrombosis), hyperpigmentation (browning/discoloration), sores, skin ulcers or bleeding.

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Treatment Options
Using ultrasound, doctors can detect and evaluate the deeper veins they cannot usually see or feel. The deeper veins are often the source of significant problems and go undetected. During your initial evaluation at our clinic we will conduct an ultrasound scan of the legs to determine the size, location and valve function of the veins. This mapping study will identify any faulty valves causing venous reflux in the legs. Vein Ablation, including Endovenous Laser Ablation, Radiofrequency Ablation and Sclerotherapy, are techniques we use to treat venous disease. Sclerotherapy uses range from treatment of unsightly spider veins for cosmetic reasons to abnormal varicose veins for symptomatic relief.

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Vascular Lab
The Heart and Vascular Center hosts a fully functioning vascular lab with certified ultrasonographers to perform a full spectrum of ultrasound studies including DVT, carotid, abdominal studies, as well as the vein studies.