Prevention and Early Detection are the Best Medicine
We know that many people put off going to the doctor until they are sick. At St. Vincent Healthcare, we have another option - LabCheck. This new service offers you the opportunity to check on the status of your health anytime, even when you're feeling fine. LabCheck screenings help you manage your healthcare and provide an important tool for illness prevention and early detection. For additional information visit Your Health and Wellness.

We Offer Peace of Mind

There are many reasons to check on the status of your health, even when you are feeling well.

  • Normal test results are important because they help establish your baseline for future comparison and give you an overview about your current health.
  • Family History - Screenings can help monitor risks based on your family history.
  • Illness Prevention - Screenings may expose important information about risk factors that could affect your health. This information can help you and your doctor develop lifestyle changes.
  • Early detection - Health screenings can help you identify changes in your health even before symptoms occur. Early detection leads to early intervention and better chances at recovery.

You can order health-screening tests without a doctor's appointment. Follow-up is confidential and provided by registered nurses that can answer questions and, if needed, provide referrals to healthcare providers. When you see a doctor with test results in hand, you can make the most of that valuable time for a more in-depth discussion of your health concerns.

LabCheck offers high quality and affordable health screening at 5 convenient locations: in the St. Vincent Internal Medicine and Diabetes Lab, or St. Vincent Healthcare Lab, Billings main campus (free valet parking is available); Broadwater Walk-in Clinic, Billings; Absarokee Medical Clinic, Absarokee; Mountain View Clinic, Red Lodge. Call 237-7900 for an appointment today.

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