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Living Well

The St. Vincent Healthcare Living Well program specializes in on-site health screenings and continued education around identified risk factors. We take the best of traditional health promotion services and combine them with technology, clinical expertise, data input reporting and on-going support services.

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Personal Health Risk Assessment
A Personal Health Risk Assessment (PHRA) tool is an integral part of health management. For this reason, the focus of the PHRA inquiries is in line with that of most physicians. We build our inquiries around body systems and the appropriate tests for each individual. We then tie that information to objective biometric findings and form a complete picture of health from that information. We believe that this provides a more robust and accurate snapshot of the individual's health and the overall health of your company.

Customized Solutions
Through the St. Vincent Living Well program, our goal is to provide valuable and meaningful health solutions for you, the conscientious employer. Because we understand that every company has unique needs, our information systems allow customization for each organization we serve.

Online Services
Our sophisticated, customizable and user-friendly online registration system allows employees to securely and privately register for your company's health event from any computer. In addition, St. Vincent Living Well offers a toll-free number for registration assistance.

Data Management
The data obtained via the Personal Health Risk Assessment and on-site biometric screening provides crucial health information for your employees and your company. St. Vincent Living Well is able to store, trend and analyze accumulated health data. We generate user-friendly reports that can provide critical information for both individuals and health plans. St. Vincent Living Well is a HIPAA compliant organization and is committed to keeping all participant data confidential.

Risk Analysis Reporting
One of the unique aspects of St. Vincent Living Well is our ability to identify at-risk employees based on comprehensive objective clinical data and subjective responses to health risk questions. All data is and analyzed via advanced software, identifying individuals with elevated risk. We also provide aggregate reports that identify existing health risks specific to your company's workforce.

Health Management Services
St Vincent Living Well recognizes the importance of knowledge and management of personal wellbeing and provides the tools that individuals need to take control of their health. This includes personal ongoing health management with a medical provider that can be done on site, by telephone or in clinic. St Vincent Living Well also offers employees an opportunity to learn more about how they can manage their own health and wellbeing through relevant on-site education.