Preparing for your Screening

Things to Know About Your Screening
After entering the mobile coach, you'll proceed to a private dressing room adjacent to the mammography suite. Before your screening, you'll have the chance to ask questions about the procedure and have it explained to you. The screening will then be performed by our team of certified mammography technologists.

  • Mammograms are paid for in full by most insurance companies for women age 40 and up
  • Funding is available for those without insurance
  • Deodorant, creams and lotions can affect exam results, so please don't wear them on the day of your screening
  • Gowns are provided for your use; we suggest that you wear a 2-piece outfit on the day of your screening
  • Images are read by a board-certified radiologist, with results mailed to you and your physician within approximately 7-10 days

If you're interested in bringing the Mobile Mammography coach to your business, call (406) 238-6219.