Risk Assessment & Prevention Program (RAPP)

The Risk Assessment and Prevention Program (RAPP) at Yellowstone Breast Imaging Center-St. Vincent Healthcare is a program which provides patients with a personalized assessment of their risk for developing breast cancer. Each patient who comes to the Yellowstone Breast Imaging center for a mammogram receives this initial assessment.

Prior to your mammography exam the radiology technologist will ask you a series of questions about your family and personal medical history. Your individual answers to these questions are entered into a software system which utilizes several risk assessment programs endorsed by the American Cancer Society and others to determine your risk for developing breast or ovarian cancer. The radiology technologist will let you know during your mammogram appointment if your risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer is felt to be higher than that of the general population.

Before you leave the Yellowstone Breast Imaging Center, you will be given contact information for our genetic counselor. The genetic counselor will discuss your individualized recommendations for further cancer screening and prevention services available to you.

Visiting with a Genetic Counselor
You may speak to our genetic counselor on the phone or in person, based on personal preference. Your initial visit will typically last one hour. The genetic counselor will collect a detailed medical and family history, including details regarding the types of cancer and the age at diagnosis for family members. These important details will enable the counselor to discuss your individualized risk assessment and any follow-up recommendations, following your discussion with the genetic counselor.

Our genetic counselor is available on Tuesday or Wednesday, between 11 and 1pm at (406) 237-3625 for a complimentary telephone consult. If you would like more in depth genetic counseling to clearly understand your personal assessment, appointments can be scheduled by calling (406) 237-3650.

Will my primary care doctor be notified of these recommendations?

Yes. Your primary care doctor will be sent a letter summarizing the findings and recommendations, following your discussion with the genetic counselor. 

How do I reach the Genetic Counselor?

Our board certified genetic counselor is available via the telephone at (406) 237-3650. Appointments can be scheduled using the same number. The Genetic Counselor’s office is located at the Medical Arts South Building, 1230 N. 30th St., Suite 200, Billings, MT 59101.