Selena Digital Mammography System
St. Vincent Healthcare Yellowstone Breast Center is dedicated to delivering the highest quality screening and diagnostic imaging services to our patients. To better serve the women of our community in the fight against breast cancer we utilize the Selena Digital Mammography System.

This new state-of-the-art system has a number of unique features designed to improve image quality, reduce procedure time and enhance patient comfort.

  • The High Transmission Cellular (HTC®) Grid uses revolutionary technology to reduce x-ray scatter, thereby creating higher contrast images, particularly in dense breast tissue. Higher contrast images aid in the early detection of breast cancers, which has been shown to dramatically increase survival rates.
  • The Fully Automatic Self-Adjusting Tilt (FAST®) compression paddle ensures more uniform compression of tissue for improved image quality and prevents over-compression for added patient comfort.

MultiCare Platinum™ stereotactic breast biopsy system from Hologic® 
For women needing to undergo a breast biopsy, St. Vincent Healthcare offers a stereotactic breast biopsy system, the MultiCare Platinum.  Using a leading-edge targeting and guidance technology, this system offers exceptional image quality, pinpoint accuracy and precise, efficient operations.  This means a safe, less-stressful alternative to open surgical biopsies.

With a sterotactic breast biopsy:

  • A very small incision is all that is needed for insertion of the biopsy instrument, allowing the procedure to be performed comfortably under local anesthesia, with minimal tissue trauma.
  • A computer-guided targeting system assures precise localization of suspicious areas for efficient retrieval of tissue specimens.
  • The design of the MultiCare Platinum allows the patient to recline in a prone position throughout the procedure, reducing the risk of vasovagal reaction and shielding the biopsy site from the patient's view.
  • Most procedures can be completed in one hour or less.