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Women of Breast Health

St. Vincent's Mammography Team

Together Against Breast Cancer
At St. Vincent Healthcare, we understand that a woman fighting breast cancer wants and deserves a team in her corner as committed to winning that battle as she is. Working together, the breast cancer team at St. Vincent Healthcare is here to meet every need of breast cancer patients, from helping them understand their diagnosis to finding the treatment that’s right for them. As women, they realize—perhaps better than anyone else—exactly what’s at stake in this fight, not only for their patients, but for women everywhere.

Meet Your Team
Our physicians, surgeons, techs and counselors take a holistic approach to cancer treatment. Click below to learn more about what each team member does, why they are dedicated to beating breast cancer and how they work together to provide your best possible care.

Mammography Kathryn HatchMammography Marty LucasMammography Ella Dugan LaemmleMammography Angela Durden
Mammography Pam KaufmanMammography Kathleen RyanMammography Karen Stears