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La Deana's determination to become a naturopathic physician was a very personal one: she watched her mother's struggle with and eventual death from breast cancer.

"The love and support my family received during this difficult time was such a motivation to give back to the community and contribute in a meaningful way," she says. "It moves me beyond words to witness the strength and courage people muster when faced with challenging circumstances."

As a naturopathic doctor, La Deana is focused on helping patients heal utilizing both traditional and holistic methods, partnering with oncology physicians, surgeons and other cancer experts. Within this integrative setting, she works closely with women who want to integrate homeopathy, botanical medicines, body manipulation and other natural healing therapies into their cancer treatment.

The opportunity to work with the breast cancer team at St. Vincent Healthcare in treating those with breast cancer is something La Deana treasures. "It is empowering," she says, "to be closely connected with other female providers that are determined, accomplished and compassionate."

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