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Early in her career as a radiologist, Dr. Ryan was hired to be the "woman mammographer" for a new multidisciplinary breast center in southern California. The center was significantly ahead of the curve as it applied to breast cancer in the 1980's, pioneering the multidisciplinary approach. There, Dr. Ryan was also introduced to Dr. Laszlo Tabor, a well-known Swedish mammographer described as "the Michael Jordan of mammography".

"The entire staff of physicians—surgeons, medical and radiology oncologists, nurse oncologist, plastic surgeons—were all very devoted to the cause," she said. "I caught the enthusiasm they shared."

Having spent more than 20 years working with breast cancer patients, Dr. Ryan now reminds her patients that most women do not die from breast cancer. In fact, with earlier detection and better treatments developed over the past decades, there are more survivors of the disease than ever before.

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