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Neuroscience Team


If you compare Dr. Echeverri’s experience of living in Billings with his experience working at St. Vincent Healthcare, you could draw a few parallels. 

To Dr. Echeverri, they’re both wonderfully complex. He enjoys the abundant and active life he can lead outside the hospital, biking on trails, going skiing, dining at all kinds of area restaurants, and enjoying everything that downtown Billings has to offer. Similarly, he enjoys the diverse patients he gets to know and treat every day — in fact, it’s his favorite part of his job — as well as the variety of issues he treats.

Working with a well-integrated team of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, internists, family practice doctors and radiologists, Dr. Echeverri cares for patients with an even longer list of diseases and conditions: Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis, seizures, headaches, neuromuscular disorders, dementia and more. He performs complex procedures, including deep brain stimulation, EMG and nerve conduction studies, and various kinds of therapies. Yet, despite all of the complex things he and his team carry out, he is pleased to find that “tests and treatments are more easily arranged and done faster at St. Vincent than in a bigger facility” such as those in Seattle or Denver.

And, just like the Billings community, he sees St. Vincent as an “excellent, caring, happy environment.” He believes the emphasis at St. Vincent is “all about people taking care of people, not an institution or a big company doing business as usual. It’s more personal.” He embodies that sentiment with his personal approach to medicine, as well: “I treat my patients the same way I wish I were treated if I was the patient.”


Neuroscience Team

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