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When you ask Chris Graham, PA, why he enjoys working in Billings and what he loves most about our region, he'll tell you, "We're family oriented, with a strong, helpful community feel.

So it's no wonder that he was also attracted to St. Vincent's Healthcare. "A strong, helpful community" could also describe the neurologists, anesthesiologists and physical therapists he works alongside treating patients, not as conditions, but as people.

As a Physician's Assistant, Graham cares for people who suffer from a wide range of ailments related to the brain. From spinal conditions to Parkinson's, essential tremor to peripheral nerve disorders, each necessitates its own treatment. But that's why he's here, "for the opportunity to help people from many different approaches."

Having joined St. Vincent Healthcare specifically to work in the functional program with Dr. Goodman, he's been fortunate enough to be a part of miraculous transformations like Fred's. For Graham, functional neurosurgery is particularly rewarding, as he's able to participate in the recoveries of patients who have received a new lease on life.

But maybe it's best to hear from someone who has experienced Chris Graham's compassionate care firsthand. Fred, an essential tremor patient, tells us, "Chris was very supportive and checked on me regularly while I was in the hospital. He really was a comfort for me personally."

That level of care reflects Graham's view of what people healing people means: "Delivering world-class health care to our community."


Neuroscience Team

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