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Neuroscience Team

Neuroscience Erika Duffy Quote

Nurse Practitioner Erika Duffy feels very much at home in St. Vincent Healthcare’s Neuroscience department. She started as a Certified Nurses Aid in the Emergency Department 13 years ago while she attended nursing school. “St. Vincent’s was the only hospital who would allow me to work around my school schedule,” she says, and she has been with St. Vincent ever since.

How did she make the transition from Emergency to Neuroscience? She says, “When I was working at the Walk-In Clinic at St. Vincent’s, my dear friend Trenay Hart was looking for a colleague and asked me if I would be interested in applying.”

Duffy has grown to love neurology because it’s “like solving a mystery,” she says. “There are so many symptoms, that you have to rule out a lot of possibilities to find a diagnosis.” For Duffy, a personal approach is crucial to solving the puzzle. “My philosophy is to treat each patient individually and listen to their complaints. Each person presents differently,” she says. “A good examination can tell you a lot about what types of tests need to be ordered.”

Working with a “great supporting staff,” Duffy cares for patients with multiple sclerosis, headaches, neuropathy, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, paresthesia and more. “Our Neuroscience Center is a wonderful asset and is one of a kind here in Montana,” she says. But Duffy knows that St. Vincent’s excellence extends to every department and team. She says with confidence, “I send all of my family and friends to St. Vincent for all of their care.”


Neuroscience Team

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