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Neuroscience Team


You might say Dr. Richards has just about seen it all. “I’ve been in neurology for 37 years,” he says, but every day presents a new challenge. He credits the “opportunity to build the stroke program and focus on hospital neurology” as the thing that brought him to St. Vincent Healthcare. Since joining the team, he says, “I’ve enjoyed the challenge of shifting to purely in-patient care,” and notes “the personal, compassionate, evidence-based care” provided to patients throughout St. Vincent.

His favorite part of being a neurologist is “the day to day variability and the unpredictability of patient problems I get to evaluate.” These problems include anything that falls under the broad umbrella of neurology, but Dr. Richards mostly focuses on stroke, seizures and altered mentation.

No matter what issues he’s treating — predictable or unpredictable — he takes a caring, personal approach. “Aside from the purely medical needs and treatment offered to a patient, a lot of therapy comes from the ongoing interaction of nurses and physicians with the patients,” says Dr. Richards. I know I need to establish early rapport with both my patients and their family, keeping them well informed of their condition, the need for studies and treatment, and be available for questions.” To sum it up, he says, “I never want my patient or their family to feel that the time I spent with them was limited or rushed.


Neuroscience Team

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