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Neuroscience Team


Dr. French is a specialist on many levels. He specializes in neurology, which goes without saying. He takes a special interest in multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases. But his greatest specialty is patient care. “I spend time listening to my patient, and then I make sure we are both on the same page by the time the visit is over,” he explains. “I want to make the most out of the short snapshot of their lives that I am able to be face-to-face with them.” 

Originally from Montana, Dr. French and his wife moved around quite a bit between his medical school and residency. Now, they’re even more appreciative of all that Montana has to offer. For Dr. French, that includes his fellow neurologists and neurosurgeons. He says, “The physicians I met during the interview… and the extremely helpful administrative staff… gave me a sense of security with this job.”

He strives to give his patients a sense of security, as well, every time they see him. “The best part of my job is being able to come up with a diagnosis for a patient who has been trying to find out what has been wrong with them. The sense of closure that the patient receives is very therapeutic,” he explains. Because the nervous system is so mysterious, he takes an especially thorough approach to investigating and diagnosing an issue, and addressing his patients’ concerns. “I enjoy spending as much time as I need with patients so that they feel that we made it through much of their concerns at each visit. I like not feeling rushed from patient to patient.”

Dr. French also understands that there’s more to what he does than neurology. Again, he emphasizes his belief in caring for the person, not just the patient: “The community at St. Vincent Healthcare is genuine in terms of the approach to helping people in all aspects of their medical and spiritual care. We take a multimodal approach and provide many options for patients with all sorts of illnesses, whether they experience traumatic brain injury or chronic inflammatory disorders such as multiple sclerosis. There is much more to healing than medicine and science.”


Neuroscience Team

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