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Neuroscience Team


Neurosurgery is a complicated science. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to understand that. When Dr. Copeland chose his specialty, he knew what he was getting into. “The challenge of the brain’s complexity,” he says, is exactly why he became a neurosurgeon.

From removing tumors to diagnosing and treating degenerative and trauma conditions, Dr. Copeland performs many types of complicated neurological procedures on a regular basis. And for each one, “Patient care is my highest priority.” He enjoys the challenge of helping patients with complex problems, while focusing on the long-term outcomes. And he knows he’s not alone in caring for patients — he collaborates closely with intensive care providers, general surgeons, primary care physicians, pain specialists and others. But the support he feels in his work goes beyond what his colleagues at St. Vincent Healthcare can provide. He says, “I think only God heals people, and sometimes God uses doctors to do that.”

This stoic, unpretentious attitude reflects what he sees in the people surrounding him, inside the hospital and in the community. The details of his work as a neurosurgeon are extraordinarily complex, and the approach he takes with each of his patients is equally as humble: “I try to give my patients well-explained options to empower them and help them make good decisions about their health care.”


Neuroscience Team

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