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Neuroscience Team


As a neurosurgeon who specializes in functional neurosurgery, Dr. Goodman understands how the issues his patients face affect every part of their daily lives. That’s why he takes such a thorough approach to their care. “I make a point to assist my patients through their decision-making process, and see them through their recovery — no matter how long it takes.” 

The people he treats suffer from disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremor, brain tumors, degenerative diseases and other conditions. Rarely are they simple issues, but Dr. Goodman is confident in the level of care he can provide with the resources at St. Vincent. He says, “Our services are comparable to hospitals in larger metropolitan markets. We have state-of-the-art imaging, an experienced Deep Brain Stimulation team, and a full-service rehabilitation center.” He also lists his colleagues at the Neuroscience Center and the Regional Pain Center as valuable resources. 

Dr. Goodman loves neurosurgery because, as he says, “It allows me to apply modern technology to treat disorders of the nervous system.” Yet, like the issues it can treat, modern technology is also complicated. So, Dr. Goodman always makes sure to educate each patient about every aspect of their care options and alternatives. To sum it up, Dr. Goodman says his philosophy is “to offer the best care that is available to help patients compassionately, while minimizing their risk.


Neuroscience Team

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