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Neuroscience Team

Neuroscience Trenay Hart Quote

Conscientious, caring and consistent. To Trenay Hart, PA-C, these are the qualities that describe her personal philosophy of practicing neurology and neurosurgery, as well as the qualities she sees throughout all of St. Vincent Healthcare. And Hart would certainly know — she started as an RN here in 1991.
She has since become a physician’s assistant, and she never stops learning. In fact, she says one of the best things about her job are “the neurologists and neurosurgeons I work with and learn from continually.”

Hart applies this focus on knowledge and understanding to how she cares for her patients. “I listen to each patient's needs with emphasis on making sure they understand their condition and plan of care,” she says. “Neuroscience is an enigma to most people, and fascinating to me. I really enjoy explaining neuro-related conditions to patients in a way they can comprehend.”

Some of the conditions Hart treats include spinal disease, migraine headaches, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, occipital neuralgia, peripheral nerve diseases and a variety of others. And she doesn’t stop there. Hart often works in the St. Vincent Walk-In Clinic afterhours and on weekends. No matter who she’s treating or for what ailment, Hart always takes the same compassionate, thoughtful approach: “All individuals deserve to be treated in the same caring manner.” 

Neuroscience Team

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