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Neuroscience Team

Neuroscience William Spire Quote

Dr. Spire has family ties to Montana, but that’s not the only reason he chose to join the St. Vincent team. “I was impressed with the hospital and neurosurgeons working here, and the exemplary and outstanding care,” he says. But he doesn’t just work closely with other neurosurgeons. He regularly works with neurologists, general and trauma surgeons, intensivists, internists, anesthesiologists, physiatrists and other specialists.

This well-connected team embodies “the personal touch and holistic care we give to our patients,” as Dr. Spire puts it. No matter who he’s working with, or whether he’s treating patients with degenerative spine disease, brain or spine trauma, tumors, hydrocephalus or other neuro-related issues, Dr. Spire’s personal philosophy of practice is to “put the patient first, always.”

He says, “I am fascinated by the nervous system, and enjoy the tangible results surgery can offer.” Yet, in line with his holistic, patient-centered approach, he knows that surgery isn’t the only option — and it shouldn’t always be the first. He says, “I am a conservative surgeon and try to exhaust non-operative management before surgery whenever possible.” His passion for neuroscience, in all its forms, is eclipsed only by one thing: “Helping patients get better.”


Neuroscience Team

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