Your nervous system is complex and delicate, affecting the way you think, speak and move. So when it comes to undergoing neurosurgery, you want to work with the leading neurosurgeons who utilize the best and most proven technologies and techniques. You'll find them at the St. Vincent Regional Neuroscience Center for Brain and Spine.

At St. Vincent Healthcare, our neurosurgeons are constantly researching, developing and utilizing procedures that will result in the best possible outcomes. Advances in neurosurgery are being made constantly in places around the globe, and we are committed to making them available to patients right here in this region. Minimally invasive and image-guided techniques are used whenever possible to assure our patients the highest level of precision, best outcomes and fastest recovery available.

Most important, however, is the dedication of our neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurological nursing team and neurological technicians to treating you or the one you love with compassion, concern and kindness. They take the time to discuss your surgical and non-surgical options with you, allowing you to make the best decisions about your medical care.

Whether you or someone you care about has suffered a stroke, head or spinal cord injury, or if you have or if you have been diagnosed with a neurological disease, the neurosurgeons at St. Vincent Healthcare are here to help.

St. Vincent Healthcare offers the following comprehensive neurosurgeries: