Functional Neurosurgery

Functional neurosurgery focuses on the treatment of often-complex movement disorders, tremors, epilepsy and chronic pain. The goal of this type of highly precise surgery is to decrease symptoms and restore proper function in the nervous system.

Deep Brain Stimulation
Patients affected by Parkinson's disease or movement disorders and for whom medication has not been effective may be candidates for deep brain stimulation, or DBS. The St. Vincent Regional Neuroscience Center for Brain and Spine was the first health organization in this region to offer deep brain stimulation .

During this procedure, electrodes are implanted into the brain, then attached under the skin to a neurostimulator placed in your chest. Similar to a pacemaker, this neurostimulator delivers electrical pulses to the brain, helping to block the tremor-causing signals.

Offering relief from symptoms safely, without damaging healthy brain tissues, is one of the many benefits of DBS. This procedure is not right for every patient, however, and does not eliminate the need for medications to help control symptoms. Your physician will discuss all of your options with you, as well as discussing the potential benefits of deep brain stimulation if you are a candidate for the procedure.

Watch Dr. Goodman and Dr. Echeverri's post-op interview with Pat Hagan to talk about his experience as a Deep Brain Stimulation patient.

Click here to view Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Warning - videos are graphic.