Our Team

The St. Vincent Healthcare Stroke Program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to providing excellent care. These individuals include:

  • Our Neurology Consultants provide expert emergency care and daily follow-up to assist the primary physician with assessment, risk reduction, diagnostic testing and patient family education.  Diagnostic testing includes:
  • Neurology-trained nurses bring expert assessment and patient care. They also provide additional education to each stroke patient.
  • Physical Therapists assess stroke patients for the ability to walk and move, providing exercises and education to improve independence and preserve function.
  • Speech Therapists work closely with stroke patients to assess needs that go beyond the ability to talk. Our therapists work with patients to relearn how to swallow, use their facial muscles, understand speech and make decisions.
  • Occupational Therapists integrate physical therapy and speech therapy into the patient's lifestyle by teaching stroke survivors how to make adjustments in daily activities and try different methods for self care in an effort to give survivors the most independence possible.
  • A Rehabilitation Physician collaborates with the Neurologist, nurses and therapists to customize a therapy plan for each stroke patient after discharge.
  • Stroke Care Managers help stroke patients and families assess their homes, their resources and their insurance status to plan for care after discharge.
  • Pharmacists assess stroke patient medication regimens, manage patients who are on blood thinners and deliver medication education prior to discharge.
  • The Stroke Program Nurse Coordinator oversees the stroke program and designs plan of care, staff education, policies, procedures and guidelines.