What to Expect

Patients experiencing stroke or stroke warning signs are quickly assessed by Emergency Department staff and our staff has specialty neurology training in order to rapidly identify a stroke patient. Calling 911 and seeking emergency help is the fastest way to get you or someone you know who is having a stroke to the St. Vincent Healthcare Emergency Department. Ambulance personnel can identify stroke and alert us prior to arrival that they are transporting a suspected stroke patient. Our stroke activation team includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists and technicians available to provide rapid bedside stroke assessment and care. CT scanning of the brain is usually immediately required to identify bleeding in the brain. Lab work is done urgently and an organized assessment of airway, breathing, circulation and neurology happen quickly.

Click here to take a Stroke Risk Assessment.

Discovery Circle Stroke Support Group
Meets the second Thursday of the month
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
New Hope Rehabilitation Day Room
Located on the 4th Floor of the Allard Building at St. Vincent Healthcare
For questions, call Penny Clifton at 406-237-7965.

From a patient's perspective
From the moment of my arrival at St. Vincent's, I knew I was in the right place. I felt that I was surrounded by thoughtful, caring professionals. The medical team (doctors, nurses, staff) and the recovery team (occupational, physical, recreational therapists) developed a plan for my recovery and immediately put it into action. I am extremely grateful for the care and support I received at St. Vincent Healthcare.

-Bob Falle