Orthopedic Specialties

Orthopedic specialists care for a variety of diseases and injuries to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and related tissues. Using the latest surgical, arthroscopic and radiology techniques, our goal is to get people moving again by repairing, reconstructing and relieving pain.

Here's a sampling of orthopedic specialties serving St. Vincent Healthcare:


In this minimally invasive procedure, our surgeons diagnose and treat joint conditions by inserting small, fiber-optic instruments through a tiny incision.

Articular Knee Cartilage Repair

Surgeons remove a sample of the patient's healthy knee cartilage using arthroscopy. The cells are cultivated in the laboratory and later implanted to replace damaged knee cartilage.

Back & Neck Surgery

Using the latest techniques, our orthopedic back specialist can remove damaged disks, fuse vertebrae to stabilize a weak back, treat scoliosis and perform other types of corrective, pain-relieving back and neck surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Foot Surgery

Orthopedic specialists commonly perform bunion removal, bone fusion and bone spur removal.

Hand Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons specializing in hand surgery repair bone, muscle, tendon and nerve damage suffered in injuries and overuse injuries, such as carpal tunnel.

Ligament Repair & Replacement

Our orthopedic specialists do knee and ankle ligament repair and reconstructive surgery.

Tendon Repair

Our surgeons repair torn and damaged ligaments and tendons, including those in hands, back, shoulders, knees and legs.

Total Joint Replacement

The St. Vincent Total Joint Replacement program includes patient education, surgical replacement of hips, knees, shoulders and other joints with artificial joints, and comprehensive rehabilitation.