Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine program serves athletes of all ages and skill levels, offers athletic care, injury prevention and rehabilitation services. The staff is comprised of physical and occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers and exercise specialists and orthopedic physicians.

Services include:

  • Athletic screenings
  • Injury prevention, care and rehabilitation
  • Continuum of care from initial injury care by athletic trainer, to physician to therapist.

St. Vincent Outpatient Rehabilitation offers motion analysis, utilizing video recording technology and Dartfish software to analyze movement patterns and improve performance and function. This analysis of the activity may include noted deviations, compensations or injury risks. The digital recordings and software allow us to provide immediate and precise visual feedback for the participant as well as provide recordings for use with coaches or therapists. We can also perform recordings in series to document progress or compare you to an ideal form and motion pattern.

Examples of areas that use motion analysis include:

  • Golf
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Plyometrics
  • Body mechanics
  • Gait training

St. Vincent Healthcare Outpatient Rehabilitation and Ortho Montana offer special programs:

  • AMP - Athletic Medicine & Performance. This comprehensive, rigorous training program is for individuals who want to improve their physical training in a safe manner. The clinical staff designs programs for sport-specific training that can enhance performance and help prevent injuries.